Five genius tips that will have the greatest impact on your sleep schedule.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Waking up early is glorious, it boosts your productivity, improves your sleep quality, and gives you the extra time you didn’t even know existed. It’s been scientifically proven multiple times that waking up early helps you develop fewer sleep disorders than people who sleep and wake up late. So why doesn’t everyone do it? Simple, because waking up early demands you change not only your sleeping habits but your whole lifestyle. …

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Is it money, genetics, or ethics? Why haven’t we started cloning extinct animals?

Image by Geran De Klerk on Unsplash

“Why can’t we just clone extinct animals and bring them back to life?” With the recent death of the last northern white Rhino, scientists and animal lovers all around the world are starting to consider this solution seriously. A straightforward solution is challenging to explain. Let me walk you through the difficult process of cloning and why cloning extinct species might not be the best idea just yet.

Let’s start with a basic term: “De-extinction”. De-extinction is the modern term scientists use when referring to bringing animals back that are already extinct. It’s like when you accidentally delete your final…


Think you’re a deep sleeper? Well, you might want to take a look at these fellas.

Photo by Michael Gismo on Unsplash

Snails, they’ve always been boring, right? They’re slow, gooey, and seem completely lost, but what you don’t know, is that these small gastropods have insanely unique sleeping habits.

It’s weird to think that snails need to sleep, after all, they don’t look like they do much. Yet, a study at the University of Toronto proved people from all over the world wrong. It turns out, that snails sleep for fifteen hours (falling in and out of sleep seven times), and then, go on to do their activities for thirty hours straight.

Unlike a human’s twenty-four hour period of activity and…

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You’re not taking your dog on a walk, they’re taking you!

Image from “How Senior Dog Owners Can Avoid Injury” by Marijo DiLonardo

Dogs are amazing! I’m sure you know this because otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. They’re our most loyal companions, yet, sometimes walking your dog can be somehow challenging when they’re constantly pulling on their leash. It might even get so frustrating to the point where you prefer to do something else instead of having to walk alongside your so-called “untrainable dog”. That’s why I’d like to give you the best advice on how to train your dog so that both of you can enjoy the walk!

“There’s no such thing as a difficult dog, only a an inexperienced…


Written by: Bruno Rojas Lopez

Image is taken from The Smithsonian Magazine; “The Ultimate Guide to the Dogs on the Titanic”.

The Titanic has been one of the most devastating shipwrecks in history with around a thousand five hundred lives being lost. Since then, the catastrophe has been produced into Hollywood movies, undergone several investigations, and has been made into documentaries for testimonials to speak about their fallen loved ones. Yet one story remains to be told, and this is the story about how three dogs managed to escape the tragedy that unfolded in the North Atlantic Ocean.

“There is such a special bond between people and their pets. For many, they are considered to be…

Animal Advocacy

We must come together and save our wildlife

Image by Tigers World: “The Sumatran Tiger”

In the few National Reserves that remain in Sumatra, live the last 400 remaining Sumatran Tigers; these majestic creatures have been pushed to the very limit of the forests, and now, poaching and logging pose a huge threat to their survival. The Sumatran Tiger is one of the six remaining species of Tiger, and at this moment, they are at their most critical stage of survival.

Everyone, no matter where you are from, must come together and unite to save this beautiful species from extinction, just as we could not with Javan and the Bali Tiger. …

Bruno Rojas Lopez 05/07/2020

Image by Steve Tobak “7 things great entrepreneurs know”

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I have so many good ideas to fix everyone’s daily problems, if only I could bring these ideas to the market”? I bet you have, and like you, millions of people around the world have asked themselves the same question, with ultimately the same answer: “there’s so much competition nowadays, it’s impossible”. It’s true that in today’s world there’s a lot of competition, but it’s also true that there are a lot of new resources. …

Bruno Rojas 30/06/2020

Image from

Picture this: Its 12:36 PM, your study notes are spread out all over your bed, computer wide open and you’re barely awake trying to study for your Final Exam the next day. Thoughts are rushing through your head: “ I wish I was an expert in this topic” “I should’ve started studying earlier”, “Oh man, 4 hours of sleep again”. If this has been you then I can assure you that: you got a 70 or lower on that exam AND that It wasn’t your first time. I know it’s true because guess what? I’ve also been…

de Bruno Rojas Lopez 27/06/2020

Image by: Football Italia

Fué confirmado el pasado 13 de Junio por el director deportivo de Paris-Saint-Germain, que Edison Cavani, el delantero uruguayo, dejaría el club de Paris después de 7 temporadas y sería agente libre.

Su Hermano, representante y agente: Walter Gugliemone ha comentado a la EFE que “tienen muchas opciones” y que “van a analizar y considerar cada oferta desde uruguay” El “matador” ha sido el centro de especulación de muchos clubes incluyendo el Atlético de Madrid, el Barcelona F.C, El Man United, y hasta el Newcastle F.C.

El gigante Catalán de España: Barcelona F.C ,podría estar…

Article By Bruno Rojas López 26/06/2020

Image from :“25 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers and Wonderful Places Around the World”

Even though right now isn’t exactly the best time to travel, it is however a very good time to plan ahead for traveling season next year. So in case you want to travel to a relaxing, beautiful, gorgeous and nature-like place this is the perfect article to start your investigation.

#1. Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands

Located in the Pacific Ocean near the French Polynesian, Bora Bora is beautiful, small 30.55 km² island, sorrounded by a diamond ring like island.

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